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Does the Second Admendment need alteration Research Paper

Does the Second Admendment need alteration - Research Paper Example In spite of their effectiveness, these documents have numerous flaws. The second amendment and its ensuing argument, is an example of a flaw, divides the country into two distinct camps (Carlson 2). This essay will advocate for repeal of the law to state that each household should have a firearm. Carlson asserts that the right for individuals in the U.S to bear arms has been the been the focus of various political debates (2). The debates revolve around the infringement of gun ownership by the U.S government. By restricting the possession of firearms, will the government be servicing its own selfish interests or is it simply being mindful about its citizen’s welfare. Do the government and its bodies, such as the senate, have the right to re-interpret this law to fit modern times (Gerber 4). This is considering the difference in time from when the law was first enacted. Another question regards the effects that would arise from this re-interpretation. Would this new and modified law help U.S. citizens or simply worsen the current situation? The crime rates in the U.S. are not dropping anytime soon, and the right to bear arms is not a cause of this trend (Charles 13). The individuals who bear arms are not the perpetrators of crime. The thieves, murderers and other villains possess their firearms illegally. For this reason, should the government concentrate on the second amendment or the laws on purchasing? In my opinion, the latter needs to be stricter to curb the prevalence of crime perpetrated by illegal firearms. The aforementioned fact of illegal firearms perpetrating crimes leads to the central argument of this essay. Charles continues to state that it should be universally established that families should be inherently granted the right to bear arms (14). Bearing arms assists families in protecting themselves from rapists, thieves and other thugs that

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Manu Soccer - Case Study Essay Example for Free

Manu Soccer Case Study Essay Situational Problem Tom Owen is working towards increasing his business and profit by the means of changing his current services and products or offering new ones to meet his customers needs, or by keeping his current products and services the same, but offering them to new markets. S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths: †¢Tom Owen himself is an asset in his knowledge of soccer and his ability to get along with the kids hes teaching. †¢Hiring instructors with similar qualities to create a good workforce. †¢MANUs market penetration of the Fort Collins area ensures that all soccer players age 11 to 14 are aware of his soccer program. Weaknesses: †¢MANUs dependence on Tom Owen in all of its functions offers little opportunity for him to expand to other locations. Opportunities: †¢The close proximity to three large cities that offer limited soccer training camps. Threats: †¢Some parents may consider soccer as a luxury that can be eliminated in face of economic downturn and growing unemployment. †¢The emergence of new soccer training programs in direct competition with MANU. Market Situation Approximately 90 percent of MANU’s customers live in Fort Collins which has a population of 110,000. Greeley and Longmont are about 25 miles away by interstate highway and have a population of approximately 80,000 each. Loveland is a city that is also about 25 miles from Fort Collins and has a population of approximately 60,000. Competitive Situation There is almost no direct competition for MANU in Fort Collins. The surrounding cities of Loveland, Greeley, and Longmont offer even less developed soccer programs. Target Customer The target customer for the MANUs services would be competitive soccer players from the ages of 11 to 14. However, the ultimate purchaser of these services would be the mother or father of the soccer player. This would necessitate the need of a market strategy that caters to both the parent and the soccer player. Potential Solutions †¢Develop programs that are aimed at kids over the age of 14 since the majority of the kids move on to other sports upon reaching that age. oPro These kids are already familiar with Tom and are the most likely to sign up for programs in this age group. oCon Most kids in this age group do not find soccer as appealing as other sports and are unlikely to pursue soccer. †¢Develop a marketing strategy to encourage more product purchases from his existing customer base. oPro Availability of good and recommended equipment would make soccer more appealing. oCon Extra costs can be a deterrent when the economy is bad. †¢Develop new programs to cater to the 6 to 9 age group market of Fort Collins that is still low. oPro Having more children from this age group would ensure a larger, future enlistment from the 11 to 14 age group which has shown to already be considerably large. oCon Children from the 6 to 9 age group are very different from the 11 to 14 age group and have to be treated and taught differently. Tom and his instructors have proven to be more effective with the latter age group and would have to work up a way to be appealing with the younger age group. †¢Develop programs to attract the kids of Loveland, Longmont, and Greeley. oPro These three cities have a combined population that is twice that of Fort Collins. Which in turn, offers the potential of Tom being able to triple his current enrollment. Also, these cities have little to no soccer programs in place that would be of major competition to Tom. oCon The 25 mile distance would be a large deterrent for many parents to desire driving to. Tom cannot be at all of these places at once to supervise the programs. Recommended Solution The best solution for Tom would be the fourth option of expanding into the nearby cities of Loveland, Longmont, and Greeley. Considering his current good market penetration of Fort Collins, it would be unwise to spend his resources on trying to acquire more customers from this existing market rather than entering new markets. This course of action would also not require Tom to change or recreate his products, but to continue using what he is already familiar with. Potential Marketing Strategies Tom could offer his current instructors the chance to head up the MANU soccer programs in each of the new markets. Tom had already hired them based on their qualifications and personalities being similar to his own. This course of action would not require Tom to be in four places at once, but the close proximity would allow for him to stay involved. Tom could reach out to any of the existing soccer programs in these towns and offer them the opportunity to sign on with him if he found their instructors to have a compatible program to his own. This would allow an easier entrance into these new markets as the current soccer programs already have a customer base to work with and build on. This would also decrease any potential competition he may have had to contend with upon entering these new markets.

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The Opening of Glass Menagerie Essay -- Glass Menagerie Plays Themes E

The Opening of Glass Menagerie The opening of Glass Menagerie is key in establishing themes, relationships, dramatic conventions character symbolism and style. Discuss. The opening of the play ‘Glass Menagerie’ let the audience know about various elements of the play such as themes, relationships, characters and dramatic conventions. This was done by detailed description of the setting and the narrator, Tom informing the audience. The main themes of the play could be found in the opening. The fact that the play was about memory had been made clear in the beginning with the line, â€Å"the scene is memory†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Once again confirmed very clearly by Tom who said, â€Å"the play is memory.† The audience could easily interpret that this play was Tom’s memory of his life with Amanda and Laura in St Louis. At the end of the play the audience found out that Tom could not erase the memory of leaving Laura. â€Å"Oh, Laura, Laura I tried to leave you behind me but I am more faithful than I intended to be.† This theme of memory influenced Amanda also as the play progressed. It became evident that she could not escape from her memories of living in the â€Å"Blue Mountain† where she had a pleasurable and an abundant life. Few minutes after the play began the audience already hears Amanda babbling about it â€Å"I remember one Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This happened throughout the play consistently. She would talk about her life in the â€Å"Blue Mountain† whenever she got a chance to. So it would be quite true to say that Amanda was living in her memory, which caused her to deny the reality. The idea of accepting the reality was also evident in the opening of the play. Tom spoke of gentleman caller who â€Å"is the most realis... ...When she had one finally, he turned out to be the greatest disappointment and left her devastated in the end. So Amanda had to awkwardly sum the whole incident up by saying â€Å"things have a way of turning out so badly,† and blame it all on Tom. The unusual dramatic conventions were set in the opening. The narrator, Tom directly addressed the audience, â€Å"I am the narrator of the play†¦Ã¢â‚¬  which was unusual. Also by using the screens to produce appropriate images and music frequently, the play was made more interesting and accessible to the audience. The opening of the play was the key in establishing themes, characters and their relationships and dramatic conventions as it revealed them effectively to the audience. So the audience could easily understand what was happening, guess what would happen and receive the message that was meant to be delivered.

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Going home Essay

This is a first person narration of a soldier in Iraq who had been victim to an evening ambush by offensive troops. The narration begins with the soldier already in the infirmary, months after the ambush incident, nursing a fractured right foot. At about this time, word also came out that President Bush was going to withdraw five thousand plus men from Iraq so that they could be home for the holidays. The soldier hopes that he is part of the list of men who would be recalled. In the meantime, the soldier recounts the events that led to his current situation. The soldier reveals that many had died in the ambush and he was merely one of those who survived. The ambush took place while they were on their way to the North US Detachment. While recounting the story of how he had become a wounded US soldier, the narrator also offers insights into how war can be patriotic and how it can change the course of events for the world at large. The soldier also mentions in his reminiscing that they were not the true heroes of war, rather the true heroes were the families they left back home. The narrator dwells on this topic and comprehensively explains how the families back home should be the real heroes in a war and not the soldiers who are actually in the war. The soldier also offers insights into how gruesome a war can be and how wasteful it is when it comes to lives wasted; but despite his views on the war, the soldier remains steadfast in his beliefs and holds on to the thought of his family waiting back home. The narration ends with the soldier being called to the mess hall along with many others for the announcement of the list of recalled soldiers. Find out if he is one of those who will return home. (YOUR FULL NAME) (PROFESSOR’S NAME) (COURSE AND SUBJECT) (DATE OF SUBMISSION) GOING HOME – A SOLDIER’S STORY Christmas is fast approaching and I am hoping to have an early Christmas gift as President Bust announced last September that about 5,000 plus of us would be home for the Christmas holidays. This was part of the limited troop reduction that was to be implemented on US troops before the military surge in March next year. We are still waiting for the final list of soldiers who would be sent home and I am hoping that I would be in the list. I am useless here in the field anyway. I have been in the infirmary tent for the past three months because my right foot suffered segmented fractures after an ambush attack on our team while we were driving to the North detachment. We were fifteen in the truck. I was one of the lucky seven who came out of the attack alive. I was in the back of the truck and as usual, I felt like I had to watch my own back as well as I was watching the backs of the other soldiers who were with me in the truck. It was about eleven in the evening. We all had to travel in the cover of darkness to avoid being detected by hostile troops. From a distance, the sound of mortar seemed as natural as the crack of thunder on a balmy evening. A false, red sunrise could be seen from the horizon as flames from explosives incessantly lighted up the horizon. It was cold – in the desert, the temperatures are extreme. Daytime is extremely hot and the evening can be as cold as it is hot during the day. We were all in our camouflage uniforms, but these were only flimsy fabric – weak protection from possible bullets coming our way or even stray shrapnel from distant explosions. I feared for my life but also thought of the country, and the world, and what it would be like if the US did not launch an offensive against hostile troops here in Iraq. In my heart I could not understand why I had to go through such horror and put my life on the line for such a cause; but when I think of my young wife waiting for me back home, and my three month old daughter, I understand why I have to be here. The weapons of mass destruction that Iraq may be hiding from the world may be cause for the destruction not only of the US but also of the world as we know it and this alone told me that my being here was worth everything I had; but then again, I can never deny the fact that there could have been better days. About an hour into the trip, the truck grinded to a halt; a co-soldier who was seated beside the driver saw something through his night vision binoculars. A group of armed men were stationed about half a mile away and it seemed that they did not notice our approach because they were huddled together in a close circle seemingly having a drink. We did not find this cause for alarm because sporadically, throughout the road, were friendly troops from the other side who were securing travel routes for civilians. However, since we could not identify them from a distance, there was no choice but to be on guard and move forward until we were close enough to identify them. The driver had turned off the headlights and slowed down to a crawl to prepare for our approach. When we were just a few meters away, I heard one of the men stationed at the road cry out a piercing yell that to me sounded like a death sentence. At that very moment a volley of gunfire punctuated the distant explosions and we all lay flat on the floor of the truck. In what seemed like forever, the truck turned around and sped towards the other direction back to the camp. The gunfire continued and it was at this moment that I felt warm liquid seeping into the fabric of my uniform from the back. I turned around to see one of my co-soldiers slumped on my back with blood streaming from his neck. I quickly stood to check on the other men with me in the back of the truck. Four of them had been badly hit, two were unharmed, and seven of us suffered minor injuries. Mine was a gunshot wound that pierced my right ankle. Later, it turned out that the driver had been badly hit as well, so it was the other army officer with him in the front seat who was already driving the truck. We made camp about three hours after the incident. We had already been halfway through the six hour trip that was supposed to take us to the North detachment. We were all brought to the infirmary and the dead immediately interred into shiny black body bags that reflected the red glare that rose up from the distant horizon. The camp chaplain said a prayer over the dead and another officer bend down to take out their dog tags, they name patches, and some of their personal effects. I imagined how difficult this was for the officer. I imagined how it would have been had I been one of them. The following day two or three officers from the US Military back home would be at the porch of our house delivering the sad news to my wife and my daughter. I imagined how they would feel, and how much they would hate the state for sending me to war; but I was lucky to be alive, or not. Now, I had to deal with the gruesome images that I had witnessed. I had to spend my life thinking of what is and what could have been. I would probably be found gazing into the blackness for many solitary hours trying to find a decent and even logical reason for this manslaughter – but I was determined to go home in one piece, if not for my wife and daughter, at least for a country and a world that was waiting for a glimmer of hope that could come out of this bloodshed. Logically, bloodshed is bloodshed and nothing good could come out of war. It was always like choosing between two evils – the lives of hundreds of men and women in exchange for the peaceful future of my country and the world. The choice was always easy and I found it an honor to be fighting for this cause, albeit momentary periods of questioning and reasoning and questioning again. I felt that I was not a hero here; the real heroes are the families we have left behind; mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, daughters, and sons. They are the real heroes for having to deal with our absence and having to live their lives every day with the knowledge that we may not even return alive. They are the real heroes for having to lie to the innocent ones about fathers and mothers who were out there fighting for the country because this was the only way to ensure the future – of course, there are other ways, but when some other ways seem bleak and unfeasible, war is often the method of choice. These people are the real heroes not because they sacrificed anything but because they refuse to just fade into the sunset and let go of the prospects of peace and unity for the whole world. They are there back home not for any reason, but for a reason that all of us in this world would one day recall and be grateful about. We, in the field, we are here because of them and their unfailing belief and hope in our cause; we are here because of their love and the fact that before we sleep at night our minds swim in oceans of faces – the faces of our real heroes. The bugle had been sounded. Our superior had called us all to the mess hall to announce who would be going home for Christmas and who wouldn’t. With my crutch in tow and a foot heavy with plaster dragging behind, I go to the mess hall. The superior went through the list. The lights have been turned out after the list was read. I was walking back to the infirmary. I was going home.

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The Mystery of King Tuts Death - 1110 Words

The Mystery of King Tuts Death The Mystery of King Tuts Death If you ask the average American to name an egyptian king ninety nine percent of the time they will spout out the name king Tutankhamun or king Tut for short with out really even thinking about it. Why is that so many automatically associate an egyptian casket with the one that was unearthed in Tuts tomb? Maybe it has something to do with the kings appointment at such a young age and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death or murder at the tender age of eighteen. Maybe it has something to do with the highly publicized discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Tutankhamuns is the only royal tomb in Egypt to have escaped the†¦show more content†¦This actually makes a lot of sense but this theory also makes me think why were there no hieroglyphics found depicting Tuts seizures this detail surely would have been noticed and noted. There have been a slew of other theories that get a little outlandish like king Tut getting attacked by a hippopotamus and dying due to the injuries that he sustained from the attack. Some even say that he was not murdered and the damage to his skull was done during the mummification process. I may be a pessimist or sinister mind but I believe that king Tut was murdered by his trusted regent and administrator. I believe this because it is so typical and make so much sense its the age old tale of jealousy that ends in bloody murder. Human beings have advanced much since the days of King tut but our nature remains the same no matter how much we deny it we are evil beings by nature full of selfishness, and jealousy. We must fight the battle in our minds to surpress these parts of our nature in efforts to actually be better men and women. This battle is a day to day struggle for mankind and some days we are victorious and some days we fall in defeat, and must re-calibrate our moral comp ass. Whatever happened to King Tutankhamun one thing is for sure he will continue to be remembered way beyond his time. In Tuts short time on earth he made his mark which is allShow MoreRelatedKing Tut s Curse, Real Or Fiction?1731 Words   |  7 PagesKing Tut’s Curse, Real or Fiction? Ancient Egypt was my favorite topic in social studies. As far back as I could remember. I have always been interested, especially since Egypt is a neighboring country to Libya, my second home. The world is still fascinated, and intrigued by its mysteries. Who build the pyramids? How were they built by? One of the most asked questions were. Who was King Tut? Was there really a curse? King Tutankhamen took reign at the very young age of nine, after his father Akhenaten’sRead MoreThe Excavation Of King Tut s Tomb951 Words   |  4 Pagesknowledge about the world of the past is opened. The Colosseum built under the reign of Emperor Vespasian of Rome and the Gà ¶bekli Tepe of the Neolithic Era prevail as one of the most extraordinary structures of the ancient world (#). The excavation of King Tut’s tomb further unveils valuable information about life in ancient Egypt. An architectural structure like the Colosseum reflects the values and cultures of the ancient Roman civili zation. This freestanding elliptical amphitheater has the capacity toRead MoreThe Discovery Of The Tomb Of King Tutankhamun1169 Words   |  5 PagesThe discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun has answered many questions and solved many mysteries about the life of people in Ancient Egypt. However, the life and death of the boy king is still a mystery itself. For example, one continual argument and mystery is how King Tut died. Although there are many opposing theories, King Tutankhamen died because he was already weak from genetic diseases, then broke his leg, which got infected and caused King Tut to die. King Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaohRead MoreThe Death of King Tut Essay617 Words   |  3 PagesHoward Carter. The death of Tutankhamun was a sudden tragedy that til this day has yet to be solved. The cause of the famous teenage king’s death has been a long drawn out mystery with a range of theories as to how he met his end. There are no historical records explaining the cause or circumstances of his death, nor is there no positive evidence to suggest how he died. However, there are several theories and many of which have changed over the years. One theory suggests that King Tut was murderedRead MoreThe Murder Of Tutankhamun s Tomb993 Words   |  4 Pagesdetermined that although the cause of death is still unknown, he died when he was only 19 years old. Why did he die at such a young age? From that moment there have been many studies focusing on explaining his death. One hypothesis is that Aye could be accountable for Tutankamun’s death on the basis of jealousness, need for power and forcing his way into the throne. Doctors and scientists performed different types of studies attempting to determine if the Boy King was murdered, sick with any chronicRead MoreThe Scientific Revolution Of Egyptian Pharaohs1607 Words   |  7 Pagesparts of the universe. Egyptian Pharaohs The definition of pharaoh is the title given to Egyptian kings. Sometimes, pharaohs were considered to be the god kings of Egypt. Pharaohs were in power between 3150 B.C. and 30 B.C., with over 170 rulers during this 3,000 year span of time. The throne typically was a position passed down from father to son but this was not always the case. Sometimes a death or other circumstance would require this position to be filled by someone other than the son of theRead MoreThe Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Fair The Negative Repercussions Of An Incestual Bloodline?2610 Words   |  11 Pagesone but three of his own daughters (Middleton 1962: 604). While it should be noted that the pharaohs did not exclusively partake in incest, this practice was remarkably common during these time periods. Middleton notes, â€Å"A majority of 18th dynasty kings married their sisters or half-sisters† (Middleton 1962: 604). This frequency makes one wonder what exactly led the pharaohs to continually choose consanguineal pairings? The underlying cultural motivations in these decisions had strong religious implicationsRead MoreTutankhamuns Life2185 Words   |  9 Pages  Ã‚  Understanding the text  Ã‚  Ã‚ «Prev  Page 28  Next » | | Q1  Q1(ii)  Q1(iii)  Q1(iv)  Q1(v)  Q2(i)  Q2(ii)  Q2(iii)  Q2(iv) | Question 1: King Tut’s body has been subjected to repeated scrutiny. * ------------------------------------------------- Answer * ------------------------------------------------- Discussion * ------------------------------------------------- Share This was so because King Tut was just a teenager when he died. Since the discovery of his tomb in 1922, the modern world started contemplatingRead MorePharaohs King Tut was a fascinating pharaoh at most. There isn’t much on who king Tut was or when700 Words   |  3 PagesPharaohs King Tut was a fascinating pharaoh at most. There isn’t much on who king Tut was or when he was born or how he died. But some people have dedicated there lives to find out who he was. He was born during the Golden Age. He became king a surprisingly young age. He achieved many things and had an important job. His death was and still is a mystery to most. It was said he wasn’t in his original tomb. But he was eventually found. King Tut became a Pharaoh at a really young age and he had manyRead MoreTutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs: Reinforcing Preconceived Notions2644 Words   |  11 Pagesopulent Pharaohs, majestic, mysterious pyramids, sphinxes, Cleopatra, Ramesses, and of course King Tut – is deeply ingrained through popular culture, glorified in countless films, novels, and even video games. So too is the mystique of the brave adventurous archaeologist fixed in every western mind, patterned after the fedora-donning and pistol-toting protagonists of â€Å"Indiana Jones† and â€Å"Tomb Raider.† The King Tutankhamun exhibit, instead of exploring historical facts and daring to counter these myths

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Human Resource Management And Operational And Strategic...

(1). critically evaluate the role and importance of human resource management in operational and strategic contexts. Ans: Human resource management (HRM) is a process of hiring and developing employees in an organization, such that they become and act like a strength to that particular organization. Human resource management is responsible for making the organization run smoothly and perfectly. The various operations and services that will be included in human resource management are recruitment, job analysis, administrative services, and employee relationship management. These services/operations provided by the human resource management are only to support the management and staff of the organization in their daily activities. The most common functions performed by HRM in an organization are: Resolving the disputes in the organization Orienting and training Managing wages and salaries Recruiting the right people for the specific positions in the organization Providing benefits and incentives Planning personnel needs for the welfare and comfortability of the employees Conducting the job analysis Communicating with all the employees irrespective of their position in the organization Human resource management services in operational context includes all the below functions: †¢ Management †¢ Hiring †¢ Job Analyzing †¢ Employee relations MANAGEMENT: Generally Human resource department is responsible for payroll management, employee data maintenance, and risk andShow MoreRelatedHuman Resource Management : An Organization Essay1429 Words   |  6 PagesHuman resource Management is very important in every organization. It satisfies the needs of man power and creates an atmosphere where all employees can work together to achieve the goals of an organization. HRM role is to plan how to recruit right people and give experienced and well trained workforce to organization. It makes plans for training and development of human resource in an organization. The main functions of Human Resource Management in an organization are given below: 1. RecruitmentRead MoreRoles And Importance Of Human Resource Management Essay1693 Words   |  7 PagesAnswer1. Roles and Importance of Human Resource Management Human Resource Management is the procedure of requirement, selection, giving orientation , making giving trainings to employees and the creating skills, appraisal of worker , giving remuneration and advantages, benefits, providing motivation, keeping up workers security, welfare and wellbeing by following work laws of concern state or nation. Human Resource Management is the procedure of usage of accessible restricted talented workforceRead MoreQuestions On Human Resource Management Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesBy: KOMAL Answer 1. Human resource Management is very important in every organization. It satisfies the needs of man power and creates an atmosphere where all employees can work together to achieve the goals of an organization. HRM role is to plan how to recruit right people and give experienced and well trained workforce to organization.It makes plans for training and development of hunman resource in an organization.The main functions of Human Resource Management in an organization are givenRead MoreHuman Resource Management and Strategic Human Resource Management1136 Words   |  5 PagesManaging Human Resources, 3rd edn, John Wiley Sons, Milton, Qld. In chapter 1 of the text, the author shows an overview of human resource management and strategic human resource management. The author also shows the relationship between HRM and management, manager’s role meaning of strategy, strategic approach to HRM and strategic challenges. Lots of diagrams and explanations are used by the author. This chapter has contributed to my understanding of strategic human resource management by analysingRead MoreSwot Approaches Of Strategic Human Resource Management Essay1603 Words   |  7 PagesEssay: SHRM Approaches Analyzing Case Study Introduction Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a design and an approach for managing the companies human resources and the needs of their employees along with goals of the company, it requires thinking ahead and making the new ways for the organization to meet requirements of their employees and the employees should fulfil the requirements of the organization as well as achieving the sustainable competitive advantages(BrattonGold,2012)Read MoreGeneral Guidelines And Rules On Risk Management1550 Words   |  7 PagesISO 31000:2009 explains the general guidelines and rules on risk management. These guidelines are used by associations, companies, organisations, private, communities, public and groups or individuals. Hence, ISO 31000:2009 does not limit to any particular industry. ISO 31000:2009 can be brought in application for the whole life span of an organization, and to a broad area of activities, which covers plans and strategies, decision making processes, specific functions, product and services etc. ThisRead MoreThe Key Financial Commitments That The Company Must Make A Strategy For Managing Human Resources818 Words   |  4 PagesThe key financial commitments that the company must make are the following ones. In fact, for sound financial management of the company, decision makers of Wal-Mart should develop consistent tools. They have to find both forecasting tools and control tools. Indeed, forecasting tools are tools that are based on objectives to achieve. In general, it is made by the internal workers to the company to guide those responsible for achieving the financial objectives of the company. Moreover, the controlRead MoreExamples of Ihrm and Domestic Hrm Essay841 Words   |  4 Pagesmultinational ventures stem from a lack of understanding of the essential differences in managing human resources in foreign environments (Desatnick Bennett 1978). The world has become more globalized, competitive, dynamic and uncertain than ever before. As more and more firms operate internationally, the search for the elements of global competitive advantage is a prominent theme in the management literature (Dickman Mà ¼ller-Camen, 2006: 580). There is a clear need to develop an understandingRead MoreGeneral Guidelines And Rules On Risk Management1620 Words   |  7 PagesSO 31000:2009 explains the general guidelines and rules on risk management. These guidelines are used by associations, companies, organisations, private, communities, public and groups or individuals. Hence, ISO 31000:2009 does not limit to any particular industry. ISO 31000:2009 can be brought in application for the whole life span of an organization, and to a broad area of activities, which covers plans and strategies, decision making processes, specific functions, product and services etc. ThisRead MoreThe Long Term Performance Of A Company1558 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Greek terms Stratos (army) and agein (lead). In the managerial context, and in today s meaning, that word has replaced the more traditional term long-term planning, to denote a specific pattern of decisions and actions taken by the highest level of the organization to achieve the performance targets. In this context, the strategic management is defined, therefore, as that set of decisions and actions taken by management to assess the long term performance of a company. The world of organizations

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Essay On Girl Interrupted - 1847 Words

In the 1960s, people were focused on the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war, and the hippie movement in general. Unfortunately, there was a subject that was not focused on and looked over by society, mental illness. In the 1960s, mental illness was in the era of deinstitutionalization, this lead to the release of thousands of people in mental health facilities being let lose, to defend themselves against the world and their own self. Even though this movement was trying to push people out of these facilities, they still had inpatient who lived within the institution, for example a Susanna Kaysen. Susanna Kaysen, an author who published her memoir in 1993, called Girl Interrupted, which gave readers a view into the mental health system†¦show more content†¦While at Mclean, she has her boyfriend visit and they try to mess around, which is strictly prohibited. It can be concluded that she uses men like a safety blanket for attention and affection, but she goes past the poin t of a healthy sexual relationship. Another example of Susanna’s poor friend choices was Lisa who is viewed as the antagonist in the book, is diagnosed as a sociopath, which leads her to getting into many fights, dangerous situations, and causes her to treat others poorly. Throughout the book she is extremely manipulative towards the other women at McLean, and created an unhealthy hierarchy. She is very kind at first, until she does not get her way, then her selfish and explosive side comes out. Lisa uses her cool and cocky attitude to persuade Susanna into many dangerous situations. While being pressured by Lisa, Susanna stopped taking her medication prescribed to her by her psychiatrist and eventually escaped McLean together for a few days. Susanna was engaging in so many dangerous activities and her behavior only worsened her situation. But Susanna was also scared of Lisa because of her sinister side, which is why it took Susanna to part ways and focus on her recovery. Their friendship is very self-destructiv e to both, and causes many complications for theirShow MoreRelatedEssay On Girl Interrupted1394 Words   |  6 Pagesto spread awareness on said condition. â€Å"Girl, Interrupted† by Susanna Kaysen is a memoir telling the story of a young girl taken to a psychiatric hospital in the late 60s. The memoir was published in 1993 and continues to have an impact due to its descriptions of mental illness. By analyzing the memoirist’s descriptions of her time spent hospitalized and her perspective on these experiences, it is evident that Susanna Kaysen’s purpose with â€Å"Girl, Interrupted† is to seek awareness of mental illnessRead More Girl Interrupted Essay986 Words   |  4 Pages GIRL, INTERRUPTED by Susanna Kaysen (New York: Turtle Bay Books, 1993) 1. Author: Susanna Kayson was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1948 where she still lives. She is the author of books which are in some parts related to her personal experiences. She worked as a free-lance editor and proof reader until an introduction to an agent set her career in motion. Her novels: The novel that caught the agents attention, Asa, As I Knew Him, was published in 1987 and people were very interested inRead More Girl interrupted Essay1143 Words   |  5 Pageslike this can thrive; the only treatment they have is appreciation for the life they take away from a patient. WORKS CITED PAGE Quote #1- Page 21-FREEDOM- Girl, Interrupted Quote #2- Page 80-SECURITY SCREEN-Girl, Interrupted Quote #3 Page 54-CHECKS-Girl, Interrupted nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Girl, Interrupted- By Susanna Kaysen Copyright 1993 Originally published by Turtle Bay Books, A Division of Random House, INC, NY 1993 Web Pages . Article on-------Read More Girl, Interrupted Essay1244 Words   |  5 Pages Girl, Interrupted Part I: Critical Analysis Author: Susanna Kaysen. Girl, Interrupted: New York Division of Random House. Inc 1993. 1.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;What is the author’s topic? The author’s topic is about a teenager name Susanna Kaysen. At 18 she voluntarily turned herself into McLean Hospital. 2. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Identify the author’s main idea(s). In other words, what is the main point the author is attempting to make aboutRead MoreEssay On Girl Interrupted1567 Words   |  7 PagesFor this assignment, I chose the movie Girl, Interrupted starring Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, and Whoppie Goldberg. It is set in the 1960’s and is about a young woman, Susanna Kaysen, who is diagnosis with borderline personality disorder. In the beginning the movie, she’d attempted suicide using aspirin and vodka, though she insists she just had a headache for most of movie. She is persuaded to go to a nearby mental hospital, Claymore, where she begins her stay and treatment. In the facility, sheRead MoreEssay on Girl Interrupted Review785 Words   |  4 PagesOne popular cultural myth about the mentally ill is the archetype of the Sexy Crazy Girl, which weve seen in movies, comic books, and music. Losing your grip with reality is not a glamorous subject, but th ats not what you get from Girl, Interrupted. It is apparent that all the girls in the movie had some type of dysfunctional personality, and bad things happen to some of them, but it just did not seem realistic. First off, most of the patients prtrayed were young, which made the care facilityRead MoreGirl Interrupted Analysis Essay1848 Words   |  8 PagesGirl, Interrupted (1999) directed by James Mangold is largely based on a semi- autobiographical book by the same title. The movie chronicles eighteen year old Susanna Kaysen’s experiences surrounding her stay at a mental institution. It is 1967, a time of social change and unrest. Susanna makes a half-heart attempt at suicide, ingesting a bottle of aspirin and chasing the pills with a bottle of vodka. She is taken to the emergency room, her stomach is pumped and she survives. Afterwards she meetsRead MoreGirl Interrupted Essay example600 Words   |  3 PagesGirl, Interrupted Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious psychiatric illness. People that are diagnosed with this disorder suffer from an intense pattern of affective instability, extreme difficulties in interpersonal relationships, problems with behavioral or impulse control, and disrupted cognitive processes. The estimated prevalence of BPD in the general adult population is about 2%, mostly affecting young women. Susanna Kaysen was born on November 11, 1948 in Cambridge, MassachusettsRead MoreEssay about girl interrupted review753 Words   |  4 Pages One popular cultural myth about the mentally ill is the archetype of the quot;Sexy Crazy Girlquot;, which weve seen in movies, comic books, and music. Losing your grip with reality is not a glamorous subject, but thats not what you get from Girl, Interrupted. It is apparent that all the girls in the movie had some type of dysfunctional personality, and bad things happen to some of them, but it just did not seem realistic. First off, most of the patients prtrayed were young, which made the careRead MoreThe Portrayal of Mental Illness in â€Å"Girl, Interrupted† Essay1693 Words   |  7 PagesIllness in â€Å"Girl, Interrupted† The film â€Å"Girl, Interrupted† is a true story adapted from the original memoir by Susanna Kaysen. Set in the 1960s, it relates her experiences during her stay in a mental institution after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder following a suicide attempt. Many films include characters with a mental illness; the actors who play these characters have the immense challenge of staying true to the illness they portray. The main character in â€Å"Girl, Interrupted